CICWCD Minutes 6-16-11

June 16, 2011
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Brent Hunter, Roy Urie, Bob Rasmussen, Keith
Williams, Steve Wood, and Tim Watson

Others present: Kelly Crane and Rod Mills (District Engineers), George Mason (District operator), Bill Lund and Bob Blackett (UGS), Curt Neilson, Kit Wareham, Stan Waker, Ron Chandler (Cedar City Corp.), Scott Bishop and Doug Grimshaw (UCLS), Thomas Pugh (Quantum), Bruce Church (Rainbow Meadow Ranchos), J.D. Armstrong (Enoch City Water Board), Kal Kahler and Blair Maxfield (CICWCD advisors), Cathy Wentz (Daily News), Melodie and Tom Jett, Doug Hall, Ernest Van Zile, Earl Boyer, Evan Ludwig, Keith Nicholes, Dave De Mille, Shad Hall, Allen Jenson (Iron County citizens), Ashley Langston (Iron County Today),

Chairman Brent Hunter greeted everyone and called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.

Discussion of direction to proceed regarding Rainbow Meadows Ranchos potential annexation into the District for the purpose of obtaining help with their water system. Scott Wilson reminded the Board that they were given a summary of the ongoing discussions between the District and the Rainbow Meadows Ranchos subdivision regarding being incorporated into the CICWCD water system. In the interim Scott has had meetings with Paul Wright in St. George and Drinking Water in Salt Lake and he would like direction from the Board as to whether he should continue working through the issue. Do we continue to explore annexation of the subdivision, or do we let them continue on their own.

Bruce Church, vice president of the Homeowners Association, remarked that the State is requiring this development to spend a significant amount of money to bring a seasonal water system up to code. The water is utilized 4 months out of the year. He has met with the Iron County Commissioners a number of times and their solution is to have the District solve the problem. The residents know that they will have to pay their way just like all the other District customers. It makes good sense to utilize the services of the District as they are paying taxes to the District.
Bruce said that he met with Heath Oveson today regarding the preliminary engineering report. Heath sees a clear path forward.
Brent remarked that working with the District makes the project more financially feasible because the loan terms will be longer and the interest rates will be lower.
Tim Watson stated that he had concerns regarding the cost of the infrastructure and the cost for maintenance of the development that is located so far from Cedar City.
The water right for the development is 1.5 CFS at the head of Mammoth Creek.
This is surface water fed by springs. By harnessing the water into a usable system the District would be developing significant wealth for this group of property owners. Roy Urie commented that the District can do nothing until the development is annexed into District boundaries.

Tim Watson made a motion to research the annexation process of the development into the District boundary and to continue the dialog with Rainbow Meadow Ranchos Water Owners Association to work toward providing assistance for their water system. Steve Wood seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

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